Pain Care Consultants

Since 2005, Pain Care Consultants has helped thousands of people manage their pain and get back to living a normal life. Our team believes in a hands-on comprehensive approach to care that includes compassion, honesty and teamwork. By utilizing a multimodal approach to care, the physicians at Pain Care Consultants create customized treatment plans that consider their patient’s lifestyle, their social and familial support structure and their expectations and concerns. These plans may include medication management, physical therapy, and injections and can all be coordinated under one roof.

Pain Care Consultants has a team of four fellowship trained and dual board certified physicians: Rama Letchuman, MD, Kathleen Majors, MD, Matthew Mosura, MD and Ross B.Nelson III, MD. Our physicians have over (60) years of combined experience in interventional pain management and have provided compassionate care with integrity and grace to patients suffering from chronic pain in the Ark-La-Tex.

Musculoskeletal Institute of Louisiana

Pain Care Consultants and Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana operate jointly as Musculoskeletal Institute of Louisiana. Jointly, these physicians have clinic locations in both Shreveport and Bossier City and are the majority shareholders in Specialists Hospital Shreveport/ Specialists Interventional Pain Management.

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana is the sister clinic to Pain Care Consultants. OSL is home to (10) of the area’s top orthopedic surgeons that specialize in total joint replacement, Mako Smart Robotics-Knee and Hip, Upper Extremity-Hand & Wrist, Lower Extremity-Foot and Ankle, Sports Medicine/ Shoulder, Neck & Back and general orthopedics. Osl treats patients of all ages and all activity levels and works regularly with the physicians and teams at Pain Care Consultants. Often the OSL docs send patients to PCC that are looking for nonsurgical treatments options for their musculoskeletal pain- particularly neck and back pain. On the flip side, PCC will direct patients who are surgical candidates to OSL.

Specialists Hospital Shreveport (SHS)/ Specialists Interventional Pain Management

Specialists Hospital Shreveport is a physician owned, 29 bed hospital that focuses solely on orthopedic and spine care and interventional pain management. In 2017, Specialists Interventional Pain Management updated and relocated their treatment rooms to the west side of their Shreveport campus to 15534 Elizabeth Avenue. The updated facility has state of the art treatment rooms and is easily accessible to patients and their families.  The Pain Care Consultants Shreveport clinic also relocated to 1534 Elizabeth in 2017 to further provide patient accessibility and convenience.

Our Approach to Care…Live your Best Life Every Day

By the time a patient is either referred or makes an appointment at Pain Care Consultants, they have typically made a lot of stops along the way. They have probably been told that their pain is not real, that if they come see a pain care physician, they will get addicted to drugs and they may not have even realized that a pain care physician is an option. At Pain Care Consultants, our doctors and teams are ready to listen to your story… They are ready to help you find REAL solutions for your REAL pain.

Although medication management is a treatment option, it is not the only option. Our physicians believe in looking at the whole patient. They listen. They want to know about your pain. They want to know about your family and friends and your support structure. They want to know triumphs and your struggles when dealing with your pain and more than anything, they want to work with you to find options to treat your pain and get back to living your best life.