First, you will need to have a treating physician refer you to the office. The referring physician will need to send over the demographics, last 4 office notes, and the most recent labs, x-rays and MRI reports on the patient. After the treating physician has sent over the referral and all the other information requested, we will mail the patient one of our New Patient Packets to complete. Once the packet is completed and returned to our office we will call and verify the patients insurance. Once that has been done, we will call and schedule you for a New Patient appointment.

Yes, even though your insurance does not require a referral, our physicians do. The reason our physicians require a referral is so that they will have an idea of what they will be treating you for.

Yes, insurance is usually required to be a patient at Pain Care.

The treatment plans are individualized for each patient based on their specific needs in order to give them a better quality of life.

Neck, Back, Arthritic, and Joint Pain.

No, we treat patients with chronic pain and we are not an urgent care facility.

You will have to pay the specialist amount at each visit because our doctors are specialists.

Medical records pages 1-25 are $1.00 per page, pages 26-350 are $.50 per page, and pages 351 and up are $.25 per page.

Both use steroid medications. The SNRB targets a specific nerve distribution where as the ESI covers a wider area.

Injections have been shown to help alleviate pain and improve function in a large proportion. Also, a significant number of patients avoid surgery after experiencing improvements with injections. Surgeons often request injections on their patients to clarify a diagnosis prior to surgery.

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